Beauty Prices
Name Description Cost
Shellac Hands or Feet (40 Minutes) £22
Jessica Geleration Hands or Feet (40 Minutes) £30
Minx Hands or Feet (40 Minutes) £20
Rockstar Hands or Feet (45 Minutes) £26
Jessica File and Polish Manicure or Pedicure (20 Minutes) £12
Jessica Express Manicure or Pedicure (30 Minutes) £20
Jessica Prescriptive Manicure (60 Minutes) £32
Jessica Luxury Manicure with Thermal Heated Mittens (60 Minutes) £35
Zen Spa Luxury Pedicure (60 Minutes) £32
Zen Spa Deluxe Pedicure (75 Minutes) £35
+Add Shellac extra 30 minutes £10
+Add GELeration extra 30 minutes £13
+Add Minx extra 30 minutes £15
Lash FX extensions A patch test req 24hrs beforehand (120 Minutes) £45
Lash FX Infills (60 Minutes) from £20
Lash Tint (20 Minutes) £12
Eyebrow Tint (15 Minutes) £7
Lash & Brow (30 minutes) £17
XEN-TAN Full Body (30 Minutes) £25
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Do you hate waiting for your nail varnish to dry and then it smudges? Shellac is a revolutionary nail product which provides a longer lasting, flawless nail colour.

Our Shellac treatment includes a base coat, colour coat and top coat for flawless, long lasting Manicures and Pedicures. Shellac is a quick and simple product to apply; it is UV cured which dries instantly.

You can then achieve a flawless high gloss finish, which is strong and resilient and lasts up to 14 days!


GELeration is the next generation of a soak-off gel nail treatment. It is created with the health of the natural nail in mind. This will offer weak, bitten or problem nails the opportunity to grow.

It is a simple application technique which also has a self-levelling formula. Applies like a polish and performs like a gel. You can achieve perfect nails for up to 21 days with a long-lasting high gloss shine, a non-chip finish and no smudging whatsoever.

A very safe removal in 15 minutes or less with no trauma to the natural nail.


Minx, the newest nail sensation has us all obsessed here at Latitude 51. Minx are flexible polymer sheets which adhere to your nails under our heat lamp.

In the collection, there are nearly 200 hundred prints to choose and look through, from sweet paisley, metallic dots and striking leopard print to the utterly outrageous magenta fishnets.

Minx dries instantly so will not chip or smudge. A very safe and simple removal and will not damage your nails. If there is a pattern you like that we don’t have please do get in contact and we will try our very best to get that in for you.


Since the creation of the incredible Shellac, beautiful effects can be created by encasing high quality glitter to create the famous “e;Rockstar Nails”e;.

This can be tailored to your individual requirements. A wide variety of glitters to choose from.


Zen Spa by Jessica Nails not only deep cleans and exfoliates dry, dull skin cells it also rejuvenates the skin to a healthier and softer condition, it will renew your sense of well being. Rediscover yourself in the ZenSpa journey.


When it comes to natural nails, Jessica is considered a world leading brand.

Long before nail salons were found on every corner, there was Jessica Vartoughian, the woman who would become known as The First Lady of Nails. Jessica educated herself on the anatomy of the nail. She believes nails must be cared for and maintained like the skin with a regimen unique to the individual.